At C-CON the word “value” means our Clients get more than they bargain for, better than they expect, faster than anticipated and friendlier than they thought a full service contractor could deliver it. Each and every time.


C-CON proudly employs people with vision and drive; people that make things happen. They turn issues into solutions and enjoy the most challenging of projects. They are our biggest investment and ensure our ability to service our Clients with the utmost care. Experience can only come with time and opportunities. C-CON offers seasoned project management and support staff to facilitate the progress of each project from concept and design to construction and warranty follow through.

In these times of environmental consciousness, LEED Accredited Professionals and their training are in high demand. C-CON is able to offer the benefit of LEED Accredited Professional project managers to projects that require that extra component.

C-CON vows to engage professionally, manage effectively and move forward proactively. To contract with companies with an established relationships and offer the benefits of the lowest cost and the highest level of customer service to our Clients who have placed their trust in our abilities.